Hélène Moullec


2019 : A drop in airfreight demand.

2019 : A drop in Air-Freight demand. The IATA organization published the figures of 2019 global air freight markets, revealing that demand, measured in FTKs (Freight Tonne Kilometers), decreased by 3,3 %, while capacity (AFTK) rose by 2,1 %. This is the worst year since the global financial crisis in 2009, and the result of trade tensions. The impact of

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Importance of logistics in business performance.

An article of the ” Echo Etudes et Geodis” dated Oct. 17, 2019 places emphasis on the importance of logistics in business performance and underlines that : – The ability to deliver goods on time is a key factor of success in manufacters’ opinion. – Digitizing the supply-chain is of critical importance. – Firms developping their international operations need tailor-made

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