Air Transport


2019 : A drop in airfreight demand.

2019 : A drop in Air-Freight demand. The IATA organization published the figures of 2019 global air freight markets, revealing that demand, measured in FTKs (Freight Tonne Kilometers), decreased by 3,3 %, while capacity (AFTK) rose by 2,1 %. This is the worst year since the global financial crisis in 2009, and the result of trade tensions. The impact of

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Are goods from China to be quarantined?

The survival time into the environment may differ by type of coronavirus. The SARS virus can survive up to one week under proper condition. According to the “Direction générale de la santé” in France, this new COVID-19 may persist at the most a few days in moist environment. Sea transported goods are safe as the transit time is long (an average

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